Our moto

“Here am I, send me”



The 1000 Missionary Movement became a dream fulfilled, which the Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies (AIIAS) board officially approved during the AsiaPacific Division (formerly Far Eastern Division) annual council at Singapore, Nov. 7, 1991. Four days later,on Nov. 11, all the delegates from the thirteen Unions of the Division unanimously voted to approve the 1000 MM proposal as prepared and presented by Dr. Jairyong Lee, the dean of AIIAS Theological Seminary.

The 1000 MM started as AIIAS global mission project in 1992. In 1995, however, the AsiaPacific Division made a decision to make it a Division institution. Now the Movement is under the supervision of both the Northern and Southern AsiaPacific Divisions.

Our Objectives

1. To protect the Adventist young people from the evil influences of the world.

2. To quickly finish the gospel work, particularly in the unentered territories of the North and South AsiaPacific Divisions.

3. To strengthen the local churches with a volunteer missionary spirit.

“Missionary Pledge”

— Missionary Pledge I promise that I will pray for the success of the 1000 Missionary Movement regularly everyday, believing that the source of power for world evangelization is in earnest prayer. I pledge that I will devote one year as a missionary in the mission field. I take the oath that I will go gladly wherever the Lord sends me as a missionary, called for the global mission. I pledge that I will give everything I have for Global mission and if necessary, I will even lay my own life. I pledge that I will give glory only to God for the harvest that I will reap in the Mission Field. –

Our People